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pietra_bismantovaThe feeling of being in a magical landscape and enchanted also had to try the "Great Poet", when, in 1200, had to move from these places, remaining so much fascinated by mention in the Divine Comedy. Landscape that did not go unnoticed by its charm and beauty even to the King of Sardinia, to the Duke of Modena and the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, when in 1823, arrived simultaneously in Castelnovo ne'Monti, when they had to write the chronicles of that period. It was after hosting the three sovereigns, then the anonymous hotel of Bagnolo, just built in front of the Palazzo Ducale, is appointed Hotel Tre Re, retaining that name to this day. The Hotel Tre Re is an important piece of history, not only tourism, Castelnovo ne'Monti. In the period of greatest fame it was run by Zurli family and was considered a luxury, or the hotel of "gentlemen." Among the distinguished guests of the Three Kings stands out the Crown Prince Umberto of Savoy, now in Castelnovo in October 1927 to inaugurate the monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War.

TerrazzaAfter a meticulous restoration, today, the hotel Tre Re is presented as a modern, practical and at the same time imbued with the history of ancient glories, everything to captivate guests with a decidedly stay "royal."

The residence consists of 9 apartment suites of various types, completely and nicely furnished, equipped with every comfort . Is this a studio , 7 apartments , and a three-room apartment.

In addition, the Common room, equipped with television and video projector offers the possibility to organize various activities. Adjacent to the hall there is a beautiful terrace with umbrella, chairs and tables that lets in summer to enjoy the cool and fresh air. Availability also garage.

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Via Roma 17
42035 Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)